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Laser Marking Machine

Integrated Mini Desk Portable type _ MYLM-I

MYLM-I is an integrated model of fiber laser marking machine. The perfect and reasonable design of the whole machine, the perfect combination of control system and marking software greatly enhance the life of product components, low failure rate during long-term operation, and stable and reliable product performance.

Product Description & Video

Compact size and occupies space small

Easy to operate and use

A variety of tooling and fixtures can be switched flexibly to facilitate various application scenarios

product parameter

laser power  20W/30W/50W/70w/100W
Marking depth 0-3mm (depending on material)
Min width 0.01mm
Positioning accuracy ±0.001mm
Marking scale 110*110mm—300*300mm

Configuration checklist

Configuration Brand Origin
Laser source Raycus Wuhan
Galvanometer: JHC Beijing
Scanning focusing mirror wavelength mirror Singapore
Infrared laser indicator Laser Optoelectronics Changchun
Marking Software Xinde Jinan


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